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Sections and Tubes

Copper sections are available in many different forms. Rods, profiles, tubes, belts, etc. can be categorized into this group.

Four-sided copper sections refer to copper products that are available in square and rectangular sizes. The dimensions, size, and thickness of them are different. The four-sided copper sections, which are generally used in steel frames, are used for loading in different directions. They have multiaxial loading thanks to their efficient shapes. Besides these, it has a solid structure with at least 2 or more sections. Structurally, they are used in many areas of the construction industry. Roof construction is one of the biggest examples. The four sides are used directly. It is used in fields such as shipbuilding with the direct benefit of its structural feature.

Sections and Tubes

Copper hex bars are used in the most severe and difficult applications such as chemical processing, industrial applications, architectural applications, and other engineering sectors. These hexagonal bars have excellent formability and manufacturability, which makes them easily formed into various standards, designations, specifications, and complex designs at very low costs.

The copper belt is widely used in earthing and lightning arrester systems. These belts are used in electrical panels or refrigeration products and household appliances, and it is considered widely used conductor in the earthing system to protect against lightning. This product, in turn, has different types, including belt to earth rod clamp, belt to earth wire clamp, and belt to wire, and earth rod clamp, each of which has its own characteristics and is used for different applications.

Sections and Tubes

Nowadays, copper pipes and their use are very common. These types of pipes are widely used all over the world and are used in various industries. The positive features of this type of pipe have made it widely used. These pipes are usually used for water supply lines in houses and other buildings. Copper pipe is one of the most common pipes for water piping in the world.

These pipes are made in different types and sizes. For this reason, each type of these pipe has its own use. This means that in different cases of use, the right type of pipe with the right size and diameter should be used. Various applications of these pipes can be mentioned as air conditioning, ceiling, roof covering, heating and cooling systems, and even use as electrical conductors.

Sections and Tubes

Positive features and characteristics such as high durability and strength have made this product widely used. This strength has made these pipes to be used for a long time and does not need repairs and additional costs. On the other hand, the lightness of copper metal makes it easy to move, use and install these pipes. As a result, these pipes become a suitable option for plumbing and water supply.

Another advantage of copper pipes is that they do not oxidize; Therefore, they do not rot and corrode in the long term. They are also fire-resistant. In addition, they are resistant to toxic gases and cannot be eaten. These features have caused these pipes to be used in fire sprinkler systems. Also, unlike PVC pipes, copper pipes can be recycled, which is another positive feature of copper pipes.

Copper tubes are completely resistant to UV rays; Therefore, it is possible to use them in places exposed to direct sunlight. Of course, it should be said that using copper pipes costs more; But due to the resistance these pipes have, they are more durable than other pipes, so they need to be replaced or repaired less over time. The same issue causes the costs to decrease over time; Although the initial cost is more.

Copper has natural antimicrobial properties that help kill harmful bacteria. Copper pipes also prevent the growth of bacteria and slime inside the pipes which can lead to disease.

ITAD offers high-quality copper cathodes suitable for manufacturing different kinds of copper sections.

By implementing high-efficiency technologies we are the producer of copper cathodes suitable for manufacturing different copper sections and tubes.


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