in every step of the manufacturing process
of high-purity copper cathodes for different applications
for maximum reliability of products specifications
for a sustainable product and a sustainable future

Copper Cathodes

A sodality of skilled personnel with meticulous process control

ITAD is a trustworthy brand for the production of high-purity copper cathodes. Producing copper cathodes with high purity and minimum amount of impurities according to international standards which are trusted by our customers is our goal. Precision in production, never-ending research, and development, and reliable customer support are our core principles that ensure our customers choose us for their needs.

For quality, consistency, and our customers’ trust!



Wires & Cables

The wires and cables manufacturing industry are in dire need of high-quality copper. ITAD offers high-purity copper cathode ideal for manufacturing these products.

Alloy Manufacturing

ITAD achieves a high level of quality and guarantees excellent raw materials for manufacturing different grades of copper alloys like brass and bronze.

Copper Sections

Production of copper tubes, profiles, rods, belts, etc. needs high-purity copper for their application in various industries. ITAD copper cathodes meet these products’ requirements with precision.


ITAD offers high-purity copper cathodes for manufacturing electronic devices, medical parts, alloying steel, the transportation industry, the construction industry, etc.

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